The wheels were turning. I sat in the backseat and closed the windows. I sat separated from the driver. I stopped asking about our direction and how we are getting there, a long time ago. All roads lead to the same destination anyway. I found comfort in the solitude, the thick glass kept the noise out. I look out of the window, I see movement that is frozen, and I see change that is negated.

Sitting in the back seat, a literal secondary space as the vehicle moves forward. My sight obstructed, my view is different than those in the front. The sounds are muted and the thumps and ticks help numb me.

My breaths were quick and short as I sat in the back seat. Eventually I calmed down and caught my breath, I looked back at my life and found that over the years I had lost my feet and I had no wings. I realized I had become weak and crippled. I am approaching the end of the road, but the wheels will continue to turn.


The video installation is an exploration of the concept of time and its impact on the pace of change. Time is movement and movement implies the passage of time. But today in my world a battle rages against the space where time and movement negate each other. When time pushes to be linear but movement is forced to remain still.

I Had No Wings questions the symbolism of designated spaces and focuses on the experience of being in the backseat of a moving car. The images and sounds in this project were filmed from the back seat of a car driving around the streets of a city in Saudi Arabia. This project addresses the physical and ethereal states of being captured in a moment where you float between the present and future. Where many find themselves when the environment surrounding them is in a state of negation.

Produced in 2015 - Medium: 7 channel video and sound installation. Editing by Adam Finch with sound contribution by Somi Commissioned by the Rolls Royce Art Program