The Legends is a collection of found videos that document the legends of Egyptian dance in cinema. This project evolved after Manal had completed a residency in Cairo with the Town House Gallery in the same year the revolution removed Hosni Mubarak as president of the country.

She arrived in Egypt imaging a state of utopic politics that was projected on television channels across the Arab world and in reality she experienced the darkness of the unknown future alongside the Egyptians. The Legends is a type of coping tool that many Arabs use to numb themselves to the realities of the region's politics, Immersing themselves into the beautiful past, the swaying dancers, the mesmerizing beats. These images help you forget the reality beyond the screen, these videos drown out the ugly, these films mask the truth. She found herself returning to these videos before she slept every night and watched them for hours and hours while the demonstrations were happening across Cairo for the length of her stay in Egypt.


Produced in 2013 - Medium: 1 channel video  installation Length 63 min